Purpose of the Math Exam

The purpose of the math entry exam is to assess the basic math skills of applicants. The skills assessed include computation with fractions and decimals, algebra, geometry, and measurement. All skills assessed are expected to be mastered at a high school level.

What to Expect

The Math Entry Exam will be proctored electronically on the date and time of your choosing. The link to schedule a Math Exam appointment will be available within online Application. The exam takes approximately 1 hour depending on your familiarity with the subject matter.

What to Bring

Bring the following items with you to the exam: a valid drivers license (CDL if you have one), high school transcripts or GED, and any CPR, OSHA, or other certificates (if applicable). High school Diploma will NOT suffice. The IEC staff will provide an ACT WorkKeys Applied Math Formula Sheet, pencil, scratch paper, and a calculator.


You will know your score immediately. If there any problems are incorrect the exam will give an explanation as to why the correct answer is correct. A passing score is 78% or higher. Each problem is equal in value. Every question requires an answer before submission.

What’s Next?

Applicants scoring higher than 78% just need to submit any missing documents such as transcripts, etc. Acceptance letters and how to enroll in classes will be sent out in July.

Applicants scoring lower than 78% will be required to successfully complete the Math Course before they can be considered for the apprenticeship. Applicants may choose the online program or in person program. Both programs cost $100.

To schedule a time for the Math Exam, click HERE. (Do not schedule math exam appointment if you have not filled out the online Apprenticeship Application)

Click HERE to take a practice exam.

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