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It has been said, “Just because you don’t pay attention to government, doesn’t mean that the government isn’t paying attention to you”.

The purpose of the IEC Legislative and Government Affairs Division is to monitor activity of Federal, State, and Local legislative and rule-making bodies to ensure our members are up to date and in compliance with the latest rules and regulations governing our industry.

The Government Affairs Division also advocates for improvements to laws and regulations on behalf of the Association and works to make for a better overall business’s environment for our contractors and their employees.

IEC National has a great view of the Capitol from their offices in Alexandria, Virginia. The Government Affairs staff takes an active role in keeping up with legislation affecting the construction industry. For up-to-date information about the activities of our National Government Affairs, please click on the National link

The IEC has four chapters located in Missouri. Each year members from around the state unite in Jefferson City to make our voice heard at IEC’s Annual “Day at the Capitol”. Constituents are given the opportunity to speak to their legislators about the issues affecting small businesses in Missouri. It’s truly an education process for members and legislators alike.

In addition to watching the activities in Jefferson City, the Legislative Committee in St. Louis plays an active role in local municipal races as well as the issues impacting those communities. Are our local Councilman, Alderman and School Board members working for the good of our families? Are they making the best use of our tax dollars?

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