IEC Legislative Issues

IEC Legislative Agenda 2010

Statewide Electrical License

  • Establish a statewide electrical licensing board and license
  • License Portability – remove the old portability language and replace with new license.

Apprenticeship Program Financing

  •  Support legislation that makes our A&T program eligible for State educational scholarships, grants, and loans.

Prevailing Wage

  •  Oppose any expansion of the law beyond current statute beyond the fixes made in 2007.

Historic Preservation Tax Credits

  • Support maintaining funding for economic development tax credits.
  • Oppose any expansion of PW laws to cover TIF projects.

Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

  • Support the use of TIFs as an economic development tool to increase construction jobs.
  • Oppose any expansion of PW laws to cover TIF projects.

Worker Safety

  • Support legislation that establishes reasonable standards for workplace safety.
  • Oppose efforts in St. Louis City to impose standards which are meant to exclude our members and their employees

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