The IEC Legislative committee also sponsors the IEC PAC Fund. The PAC is short for Political Action Committee.

The PAC raises money through events like our annual Golf Tournament that is used to support candidates for office that support IEC goals and issues. These funds are invaluable in fighting against the influence of BIG LABOR.

The PAC funds from BIG LABOR are taken from their employees, unlike ours which is voluntary. The amount of money raised by BIG LABOR is enormous, however the IEC PAC has been able to continuously grow and had established itself as a major supporter of pro-independent business candidates for office.

Giving to the PAC fund is easier than ever! Every, quarter voluntary PAC contributions are assessed to members’ dues. Pay the amount listed under “Voluntary PAC Contribution” and you’ve just become one of the dozens of contractors that are helping us to build a better business climate for independent contractors!!!

If you are interested in supporting the IEC PAC, just call Kelly Hewitt at 636-536-9701.


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