IEC Aides Winfield Flood Efforts

The National Weather Service issued flash flood warnings along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. There have already been road closings all over the state due to flash flooding.

Much like most of you, we felt helpless and not sure what to do about it. We have seen the affects the raised water levels have had on our own communities.
On Thursday May 30, 2019 we received a phone call from Caleb Hunter (one of our board members) who said that the city of Winfield in need of help. They were gathering as many people as they could get their hands on to help fill sandbags and build a wall to support levee. The levee protects an estimated 50 plus homes.
We arrived around noon to find that there was already a large group of volunteers. A lot of them had been there the day before as well. They stayed until on in the morning and there they were at 8am working the next morning. Piles of sand were dumped through out the day for volunteers to fill bags.

Some of us were taken by boat to an area were sand had been dumped the previous week. The only way to access it was by boat after the water levels increase faster than anyone anticipated. We were there until late Thursday night. The crews building the wall waited for boats to bring sand bags to them and they would then stand in a line and pass the bags from the boats to the wall. They stood in two foot tall grass and swarms of bugs.

The authorities estimated that the water would raise two feet after we all left. Thank you to everyone that showed up after we reached out for help.

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