Two Day Foreman Seminar

Making Stronger Assets to Your Team

It’s game day, your opponent is already on the field, and you call into the locker room for your quarterback to take the field.  Is he ready? Does he understand his role? Will he have the same game plan as you? Does he understand the scouting report on the opposition, and what it will take to win in this game?  Does your foreman know enough of the game plan to know when to stick with the plan, and when to audible?

The project foreman needs to be much more than just a talented journeyman who knows how to “go fast.”  The foreman is the first line of management in the company and must become the quarterback by learning more than just the technical trade skills required to install the work.  Like a quarterback, he must have a carefully crafted and practiced game plan (or else it’s sandlot football), he must be able to execute the plan, he must be able to adjust the plan when teammates get hurt and he has to play with less talented teammates, he must provide accurate feedback to the coaches on the bench, and he must AT ALL TIMES keep his eyes on the goal of winning the game.

That’s what this program is about … Winning the Construction Project Game … by enhancing the skills of your field leaders and helping them to achieve All-Pro status.

The topics included in this two-day seminar include:

The 10 Commandments of Field Supervision

The Foreman as a Team Leader

Pre-fab and the Reluctant Foreman

Paperwork and the Reluctant Foreman

Scheduling for Field Leaders

Keeping Your Eye on the Prize

Managing Multiple Projects

What to Do When It Hits the Fan – Managing Change on the Project



friday & saturday

9/13/19 – 7:15 AM to 3:45 PM

9/14/19 – 7:15 AM to 3:45 PM


IEC of Greater St. Louis

668 Goddard Ave.

Chesterfield, MO  63005

Member  Cost:  $550.00 Per person

Non-Member Cost:  $650.00 Per Person

Includes lunch both days

Attendees need laptop or tablet

Down load Drop Box for class use

Class limited to 35 students

Registration required by 8/30/19

IEC accepts cash, checks payable to IEC or thru Paypal  @




Kirk D Alter Bio



Electrical / Mechanical / Academia Consortium (MEAC), 1996-present. Founder of a national consortium of industry professionals and educators from NECA, the Mechanical Contractors Association (MCA), six major universities, and electrical and mechanical equipment suppliers organized to create a national framework and clearinghouse for electrical and mechanical construction management education. The goal of the consortium is to encourage other universities to develop specializations in electrical and mechanical construction management in order to meet industry demand, and for contracting organization and suppliers to provide both input, resources, and jobs. The consortium meets twice a year, and Professor Alter sits on both the standing committee and the advisory board. This consortium is the work product of a grant from NECA that Professor Alter has developed.

1999-2000 Independent Electrical Contractors, Inc. (IEC), Education 2000. Professor Alter, working in concert with the National IEC Education Committee, was tasked with developing and presenting a 16-hour project management training program to be presented at local and regional training centers. During the period from April 1999-May 2000, he has presented, or will be presenting this program to IEC chapters in Denver, Houston, Atlanta, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Cincinnati, Washington, D.C., Sacramento, Las Vegas, Nashville, Phoenix, Colorado Springs, Hartford, Alexandria, and Trenton.

1999 Collins Electrical Company, Inc. (Sponsor). Professor Alter developed and coordinated the first-ever NECA/IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) project management training program to be offered via videoconference. Electrical contractors and IBEW members from California, Texas, Georgia, Indiana, New York, and Illinois participated in the 8-hour training program entitled The 10 Commandments of Project Management. The technical aspects of the program were coordinated by the Purdue University Distance Education office.

1997-present Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) / Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Project Management Training Program. Professor Alter developed and secured a long-term commitment with IEC/ABC to be the sole source provider for a project management training program for electrical contractors to be offered to the member firms of each association. The combined membership of the associations is 6,000 firms. The initial value of the contract to develop the program was $48,000, with annual revenues of the program exceeding $180,000. Revenues to Purdue from this program total $348,000 to date. Professor Alter is the coordinator for the program, and developed and teaches 43 hours of the 80-hour curriculum. The course is offered three times per year, and is currently booked at full capacity through the year 2002.

1996-present Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors National Association (PHCC-NA) Projects Management Process Course. Professor Alter assisted in securing and developing a $105,500 contract for the development of a continuing education program in project management for PHCC-NA. He is personally responsible for developing and teaching more than 34 hours of this 80-hour curriculum. This program produces annual revenues to Purdue of $130,000.

Departmental Academic Counseling. Professor Alter currently provides academic counseling to 36 students in the department. Additionally, Professor Alter acts as the informal international education liaison encouraging and assisting students in seeking and obtaining international co-ops. He is currently working with students interested in studying abroad in Israel, New Zealand, Australia, and China.

















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