Employment Application

    I. Personal Information

    If hired, you may be required to provide proof of eligibility to legally work in the United States.

    (A conviction will not necessarily result in disqualification from employment; this will depend on the circumstances).

    II. Employment History

    Current Employer

    If you are currently employed (part time or full time), complete the following:

    Past Employers

    Please list the 2 most recent past employers:


    III. Employment Desired

    If applying for journeyman, foreman, estimator, etc., complete the following:

    IV. Education Information

    V. Military Information

    VI. Important Information and Conditions

    1. I Certify that all statements contained in this application or made in conjunction with are true and correct, and any misrepresentation or omission of facts called for is grounds for rejection of my application (or will result in dismissal should I be employed) whenever the correct information becomes known to the IEC member.
    2. I apply for this job and, if offered same, will accept employment understanding that my employer's policy is to provide "at will" employment, which means that either I or my employer can terminate my employment at any time, with or without cause. I understand that no employee, officer or representative of my employer has the authority to agree to employment terms other than "at will" employment, with the exception of the President of the company, and he has the authority to do so only in written agreement signed by him.
    3. I understand that my application will be considered active for ninety (90) days from today's date, which is written on the first page of this application form, and that if I wish to be considered for employment openings after the 90 day period, I may need to notify the IEC via email (info@iecstl.com) that I would like to remain on the website. I also understand that if I am hired by an IEC member, I am expected to notify the IEC to remove my application from the website.
    4. I acknowledge that I have been told that the IEC is merely a conduit through which applications are made available to IEC members and that the IEC and its members do not guarantee or promise that I will be offered employment or even considered for employment by one or more IEC members of that my application will be forwarded to a specific IEC member. Rather, I have been told that the IEC makes available to its members the active applications on file with the IEC upon request by the member. I also understand that if an IEC member wishes to consider me for employment, I may be required to appear at the member's facility and be interviewed in person before I will be considered for employment by the member. I also understand the member may check my prior employment history, medical history and criminal and other background or reference information before a final decision to employ is made. I also understand that the individual IEC member(s) who interview me may obtain applicants from other sources, such as former employees, word of mouth or advertising, and that individual IEC members may have additional employment criteria, experience requirements, testing (including drug testing) or other conditions for employment that may determine whether I have the qualifications for employment and whether I will be chosen from among other qualified applicants.
    5. I understand that if I am employed by an individual IEC member, it may have additional conditions of employment. Furthermore, each IEC member is committed to an environment, which is harassment free. Therefore, any applicant or anyone who becomes employed should report any conduct which he or she believes constitutes unlawful harassment (sexual, racial, religious, national origin, etc.) to authorized supervisors of the IEC member. Any applicant who believes they have been subject to unlawful harassment may report that harassment to any individual IEC member; or to the Executive Director of IEC.
    6. I do hereby authorize a review and full disclosure of all records concerning myself. I authorize the company and its representatives the right to investigate all references and the right to secure consumer reporting, or other agencies, including but not limited to, criminal history and motor vehicle driving records. Furthermore, I authorize all my current and former employers, school officials, instructors, licensing board(s), reporting agencies, or any other persons whether or not names in my application to release my information they may have regarding me, whether or not such information is in their written records; and I hereby release all persons, schools, companies, and law enforcement authorities from any damage whatsoever for issuing this information.
    7. When you submit an application, Independent Electrical Contractors of Greater St. Louis (IEC) collects some personal information. Information that may be collected includes names, address, e-mail address, and telephone number. By signing this document, you acknowledge that you understand that your application will be posted on IEC's web site ("Site"), on the Internet and may be accessed, with IEC's permission, by IEC members; but may also be accessed, without IEC's permission, by third parties. In addition to the terms and conditions of any privacy policy on the Site, you understand and agree that IEC and its affiliates and agents may access, use, and store this application indefinitely and may collect and process the application and information in one or more databases maintained directly or indirectly by IEC. In addition, you understand and agree that IEC may disclose to third parties, on an anonymous basis, certain aggregate information contained in your application. IEC will not knowingly disclose to any third party your name, address, e-mail address, or telephone number without your prior consent, except to the extent necessary or appropriate to comply with applicable laws or in legal proceedings where such information is relevant or where such information is relevant or where IEC believes in good faith that the law requires such disclosure. You understand and agree that IEC is not responsible or liable for the acquisition of your personal information by third parties without IEC's knowledge and IEC has no control over anything that occurs on servers not controlled by IEC.
    8. You understand and agree that you are solely responsible for the form, content, and accuracy of any application, resume or material contained therein submitted by you, and uploaded, or otherwise posted by IEC on the Site. You further understand and agree that your application will be searchable and viewable by members of IEC. IEC uses its best efforts to grant access to this database only to such members. However, you understand and agree that IEC is not responsible or liable if some other third party evades security measures and gains access to the database, and, subsequently, your application. You may ask IEC to remove your application from IEC's searchable database at any time. You understand and agree, however, that IEC's members who have access to the database may have retained a copy of your application in their own files or databases, IEC is not responsible for the retention, use, or privacy of applications in such instances.
    9. IEC will not become your employer. IEC will operate only as a vehicle for your application to be reviewed by its members, at their option. IEC is not to be considered an employer with respect to your use of the Site and IEC shall not be responsible for any employment decisions made, for whatever reason, by any entity posting employment opportunities or other information on the Site. Further, you acknowledge and agree that no joint venture, partnership, employment or agency relationship exists between you and IEC as a result of these Terms of Use, your application, or your use of the Site.
    10. IEC makes no representations about and does not assume any responsibility or liability for the existence and availability of any employment opportunities with the hiring entities, or any such entity's ability and willingness to hire you.
    11. IEC does not participate in, has no control over, and does not assume any responsibility or liability for any transaction between you and a hiring entity, including without limitation the truth or accuracy of employment opportunity listings and the ability and willingness of a hiring entity to complete an employment transaction with you.

    By submitting this information, I represent that I have read and understand all information above and attached to the application and I submit my application under these conditions.

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