Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the Independent Electrical Contractors of Greater St. Louis been in existence?
In 1987, a few local contractors got together to investigate the operation of the Independent Electrical Contractors of out Alexandria, Virginia. After doing their homework and knowing the need for an alternative source to train and educate electrical workers, and to enhance the workings of merit shop contractors, the first IEC of Greater St. Louis Board of Directors was established and incorporated on February 15, 1988.

What are the membership categories offered by the Association?
Contractor: Any electrical contractor, licensed and bonded in the state of Missouri, in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and Federal and State government.
Associate: There are currently 3 categories of associate members.

  • Distributors: Company that produces products and services to electrical contractors.
  • Manufacturers: Company that sells and advertises new products and services to distributors and contractors.
  • Service: Any organization that wishes to approach IEC contractors, distributors and manufacturers regarding services such as, insurance, legal assistance, labor consultants, etc.

Can I belong to IEC of Greater St. Louis and not join IEC National?
All members of IEC chapters must belong to IEC National according to their bylaws and our affiliation.

When does the membership year begin and when are dues payable?
The membership year at IEC of Greater St. Louis runs from October 1 through September 30. Members are billed yearly, with options to pay in full or quarterly, with no penalties. If a member joins after October 1, dues are prorated quarterly. National dues are remitted with our chapter dues and are forwarded to Alexandria, Virginia on your behalf.

What role does an Associate member play in the association?
Associate members play a major role at the IEC of Greater St. Louis. Their participation has contributed greater to the success of our yearly golf tournament and our annual trade show. IEC provides the opportunity for Associate members to advertise their products and services to students, through class/lab demonstrations, and contractors, through our monthly general meetings. Associate members are represented on the IEC Board of Directors.

What types of training programs are offered for professional development of contractors and field workers?
IEC offers a variety of continuing education courses throughout the year. Often what is offered depends on frequent requests from contractors. We have a variety of resources to teach courses from code classes to grounding seminars. As these courses are scheduled, contractors are given ample notice for registration.

How do I find out when and where meetings or seminars are being held?
You will receive regular communication from the IEC. We will email, fax or mail information, depending on your preference. Currently members receive monthly meeting and seminar notices, legislative alerts and information from our National office. IEC of Greater St. Louis sends members regular updates of current events.

Do you accept credit card for payments?
Yes, we accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

Can you explain how Workforce Sharing works?
If you have a surplus of employees that you want to keep your payroll, another member may want to “borrow” them from you. This is done by calling the office, advising the staff of the number of journeymen and/or apprentices you want to loan, what type of construction, and the time frame. Staff will then communication this to the other contractor members and they will contact you to make necessary arrangements, including the hourly rate per man. This procedure works as well for contractors needing employees.

What about job referrals?
IEC continually receives calls from individuals needing an electrician. These call come from general contractors, business owners, home owners, and other IEC contractors who are overwhelmed with work. We gather specifics about the scope of the job and typically recommend up to four members who would be best suited to the request.

How is your apprenticeship training program different from the local Technical Colleges?
Our curriculum has been developed by our National association and is constantly being upgraded and improved. Our teachers are hired by the Apprenticeship & Training Committee and are highly dedicated to our students. The one instrument that separates us from the local technical schools is the IEC apprenticeship program has been approved by the U.S. Department of Labor, who awards each graduate a certificate of Journeyman Electrician. As well as classroom training, students will receive on-the-job training with an experienced electrical contractor.

Do you have a group health insurance program?
Currently, we do not have a group insurance program. However, IEC has been instrumental in working with our legislators to develop a bill supporting Association Health Plans. It is our hope that very soon, Congress will pass such a bill and all IEC members will be able to afford health care for their employees. In the meantime, we have several associate members who work with IEC members to provide affordable health care coverage.

Do you have a website?
The IEC of Greater St. Louis website is a quick source for information. However, for more details, please don’t hesitate to call our office at 636-536-9701. The staff will be happy to assist you.

What is IEC National?
This our “parent” association with approximately 3,000 members nationwide. We choose to affiliate with this association and pay dues on an annual basis to support their work. They do much the same that we do on the local level and more, but their focus is on the national level. They represent us before Congress, publish a national magazine IEC Insights, develop our apprenticeship training curriculum, have an annual convention and expo, Bi-Weekly Fax Update, represent independent contractors on national code panels and much more.

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