Each year we have a large number of events, activities, and lasting memories that we are apart of. Our apprenticeship offers not only classroom time but service opportunities, fund raisers, conventions, graduation, and more! This photo gallery has been created to help you be apart of what is going on with the Independent Electrical Contractors of Greater St. Louis. We love our students and have the best group of instructors that anyone could ever ask for. We hope that you enjoy our photo gallery. For more check us out on Facebook.

2019-2020 Labs


2019 Blood Drive

This week we our staff and students participated in a blood drive. There were over 30 people to sign up for donation and it was such a success that we are hoping to make this a yearly event.


2019 Winfield Flood Relief Service

The City of Winfield has been under threat of flooding for a few weeks now. There have seen several notices through various contacts and websites. We decided to roll up our sleeves and get involved. The decision to leave work around eleven was made. After arriving we were able to fill sand bags, load trucks, load boats, and stack bags. The water levels had risen so high that boats were being loaded with sand bags for transportation to threatened areas. We worked late into the evening. There is no better feeling, than when you are working side by side with those in your community.



2019 Wire-off/ Tradeshow/ Open house

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2019 Graduation


2017 Golf Tournament

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